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When we repair your items, we’ll use durable parts that will keep them going for longer.

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    Hardware Upgrades

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    Perimeter Security

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    Access Systems Commercial
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    Rekey & Master Key
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    Hardware Maintenance & Upgrade
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    Repair Safes & Vaults
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    Opening & Repair
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    B Rated Safes
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    High Security
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    GSA Containers
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    Vaults & Walk-in Safes
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    Combination Changes
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    Hardware Upgrades Automotive
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    Key Duplication
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    Lost Key Reprogramming

Recent Reviews
What some recent clients say about their experience with Locksmiths of San Diego


Felix is an amazing guy to work with whenever you have a lockout. He is always quick to get where you are and get your auto or home unlocked depending on what your issue may be. I have had to use him several times for personal issues and I have referred him to many more people because of his excellent service.

Stephanie T.
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Had a great experience with Felix providing a house call and servicing a difficult lock. Responsive, resourceful and reliable. A true professional - I will call him again.

Tanya C.

Outstanding service! I was in a very tricky situation where I lost my car key while camping in the middle of the desert. I had called 5+ places before calling Felix and all were unwilling to help me. While Felix did not have the part I needed, he still spent a ton of time out of his day helping me track down someone who could. Not only this but Felix offered to drive out food and water for me if needed since I was pretty much stranded. Incredible person overall and without him I would probably still be sitting in the desert. haha! I highly recommend calling him first for any locksmith need as he will be sure to help in one way or another. Hopefully I will never be in this situation again but if I am I know exactly who to call. Thanks again!

Casey M.

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